e-File 1099-NEC Online

Updated December 15, 2023

Do you need 1099-NEC forms this year?

Filling out your 1099s takes a lot of time, especially if you're doing them for a large number of people. Are you tired of spending your valuable time on something as tedious as filling out 1099s?

Why e-file 1099-NEC?

Submitting 1099-NEC electronically with the IRS is not only convenient, but it is also required if you have to file 250 or more forms in a year. There are penalties if you fail to file your forms electronically. You can file your 1099-NEC form on paper, but because of the ease of use, most businesses these days prefer to file electronically.

Why use eFile360 to file your 1099-NEC forms electronically?

At eFile360.com, we offer online filing services for 1099-NEC forms. We are an IRS approved e-file provider, and we offer the most cost-effective way of e-filing 1099s. With our self-service website for filing 1099-NEC and other information returns forms, we make it super easy for anyone to file their forms, whether they are filing just a few forms or a large number of forms. You need to fill out or upload the information online, and we take care of the rest.

With our online tax reporting service, you can file your 1099-NEC tax forms online in minutes. Your online filings are electronically sent to the IRS for fast, efficient, and simple filing. We also print and mail your forms for you to keep for your records.

No paper forms to fill! No software to install!

Benefits of using eFile360 for your e‑filing needs:

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Fast Form

Fast form creation through bulk upload

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Fast Delivery

Fast delivery using e‑filing and e‑delivery

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Secure website keeps your data safe

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No software

No software to purchase or download

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Lowest prices

Lowest e‑filing prices available

How it works

E-filing 1099-NEC in three easy steps

  1. arrow Enter or upload your information
  2. arrow Validate if the information you provided is accurate
  3. arrow Check out

We do the rest

  1. arrow We e-file with the IRS
  2. arrow We mail or electronically provide recipients their statements
  3. arrow We offer you filing confirmation
  4. arrow Optional service – we can perform a TIN check
  5. arrow Optional service - if needed, we can file correction forms

Our Services

Who is it for?

Whether you have one or hundreds of 1099s that you need to file, our service is for you! Businesses, CPAs, Accounting Professionals, and individuals can benefit from e-filing services. Standard pricing includes print, mail, and filing services with built-in volume discounts.

Designed for businesses of all sizes – with the ever-growing gig economy, a large workforce is freelancing, and that means they need 1099 forms at the end of the year. Every business needs them, and that is why we are here to support 1099 filing. A vast number of our users are accountants, CPAs, or bookkeepers where they file for multiple clients using their account. Small businesses that are always crunched for resources find out 1099-NEC filing services helpful. Large companies with a lot of forms do find us a reliable partner to take care of their 1099-filing needs.

Why use us for your 1099-NEC filing needs?

As one of the top information returns e-files authorized by the IRS, we are in the e-filing business since 2010, and we have file hundreds of thousands of forms our thousands of clients. Please take advantage of our easy do-it-yourself online service for filing 1099-NEC tax forms. Our services are simple, cost-effective, efficient, and secure. E‑filing with eFile360 eliminates the need to download software, fill out and mail paper copies, and stay up-to-date on the latest IRS regulations. eFile360 manages these aspects for you, so all you have to do is create a free account and enter form details, typically takeing just a few minutes.

Filing 1099-NEC forms have never been this easy.

Benefits of Using eFile 360

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Save time and money when filing one or hundreds of information return forms

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Data saved securely for future use, so that you can reuse Filer and Recipient information year after year

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Free and friendly customer service

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Process any number of forms, from one to many hundreds, seamlessly and economically

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No need to buy and fill out lengthy forms

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No need to invest in any software orworry about upgrading software annually

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Eliminate the administrative and IT costs associated with year-end 1099 processing

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Once you fill out forms, your 1099 forms will be printed, inserted in envelopes, mailed, and filed with the IRS.

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Don't want to fill out forms manually? Use our Import-in facility to upload your Excel file.


Whether you have just a few forms or thousands of forms, we offer the most cost-effective way to e-file your 1099-NEC forms. Our price starts at $4.40 per form, and you can e-file for as little as $0.60 per recipient. There are no signup fees or annual fees, no minimums. You pay for the form you need. If you have more forms, please check out our volume pricing.

The most cost-effective way to e-file your 1099-NEC forms!


eFile360 offers volume pricing, which means the more forms you have to file, the cheaper it costs. However, individual forms are no more than $4.40 for most forms and $4.90 for ACA forms.

We recommend purchasing all of your forms in one order to save money, which may mean you will be eligible for volume pricing.

For our default delivery service, which is E-file + Print & Mail, our services include:

  • E-filing federal copy
  • Printing and mailing recipient copy
  • Payer copy report in PDF format
  • Filing confirmation via email
The cost of e-filing is based on the number of forms in your order and the delivery method you choose. TIN Checking is also available for an additional charge. E‑delivery is included in the price.

Please note that most of the service providers' fees do not include printing and mailing services. Our prices (option 1) include mailing fees.

  1. Form Count per Order
  2. 1 ‑ 10
  3. 11 ‑ 25
  4. 26 ‑ 50
  5. 51 ‑ 100
  6. 101 ‑ 250
  7. 251 ‑ 500
  8. 501 ‑ 1000
  9. 1001 +
  1. E-file + Print & Mail
  2. $4.40
  3. $4.20
  4. $4.10
  5. $3.60
  6. $3.10
  7. $2.60
  8. $2.10
  9. $1.60
  1. Form Count per Order
  2. 1 ‑ 10
  3. 11 ‑ 25
  4. 26 ‑ 50
  5. 51 ‑ 100
  6. 101 ‑ 250
  7. 251 ‑ 500
  8. 501 ‑ 1000
  9. 1001 +
  1. E-file Only
  2. $2.90
  3. $2.70
  4. $2.55
  5. $2.10
  6. $1.60
  7. $1.10
  8. $0.85
  9. $0.60
  1. Form Count per Order
  2. 1 ‑ 10
  3. 11 ‑ 25
  4. 26 ‑ 50
  5. 51 ‑ 100
  6. 101 ‑ 250
  7. 251 ‑ 500
  8. 501 ‑ 1000
  9. 1001 +
  1. Form Count per Order
  2. 1 ‑ 10
  3. 11 ‑ 25
  4. 26 ‑ 50
  5. 51 ‑ 100
  6. 101 ‑ 250
  7. 251 ‑ 500
  8. 501 ‑ 1000
  9. 1001 +
  1. TIN Check
  2. $1.00
  3. $0.95
  4. $0.90
  5. $0.85
  6. $0.70
  7. $0.55
  8. $0.40
  9. $0.25

Delivery Options

delviery truck

We offer three delivery options: E‑file + Print & Mail, E‑file Only, and Print &  Mail Only.

file export icon printer icon bulk mail icon

E‑file + Print & Mail

This is the default filing option in which eFile360 e‑files with the IRS and prints and mails (or e‑delivers) recipient copies. Choose this option to have eFile360 handle all the printing and delivery of your forms.

file export icon

E‑file Only

In this option, eFile360 only e‑files. Choose this option if you have already provided copies to your recipients.

printer icon bulk mail icon

Print & Mail Only

In this option, eFile360 prints and mails recipient copies. We recommend you choose this option if you have already submitted (or will submit) your information to the IRS but want eFile360 to provide copies to their recipients.

Supported Forms

Employers must complete a 1099 form for each employee and non‑employee to whom they pay additional compensation outside of a regular salary or wage. This form reports income to the IRS from independent contractor earnings, self-employment earnings, government payments, interest and dividends, withdrawals from a retirement account, and debt cancellations.

Nonprofit organizations, trusts, cooperatives, and federal, state, and local government agencies are also required to report payments.

Form 1098 reports the amount of interest and related expenses paid on a mortgage during the tax year.

Employers must complete a Form W‑2 for each employee to whom they pay a salary, wage, or other compensation as part of the employment relationship. This form reports wages paid to employees and the taxes withheld from them to the IRS.

We support the following 1099 forms:
  • 1099‑NEC
  • 1099‑MISC
  • 1099‑INT
  • 1099‑DIV
  • 1099‑C
  • 1099‑S
  • 1099‑B
  • 1099‑R
We support the following 1098 forms:
  • 1098
  • 1098‑T
  • 1098‑MA


enter and upload

Enter or upload your data

You can enter your information using our easy to use website. If you have more than a handful of forms, you can easily upload your information into our system. Our system checks for errors to ensure you are not missing out on any of the required information. Once you have completed and reviewed your forms, you can check out.

Mail and E‑File

We electronically file 1099-NEC with IRS. eFile360 is an IRS authorized e-file provider. We make sure your forms are electronically filed with the IRS error-free and in a timely fashion. We also mail out recipient statements. When you use our filing service to mail your 1099-NEC forms, you do not have to worry about printing, folding, stuffing, and sending them yourself. Once you submit your forms to us, you can relax while we do the grunt work. Unlike other service providers, we do not send your information to third parties for printing and mailing; instead, we do everything in-house using our state-of-the-art back office. We mail all tax documents using first class USPS mail and provide tracking in most cases.

mail and efile image
combined fed and state filing image

Combined Federal and State Filing

When e-filing 1099s forms, you cannot ignore the state filing requirements. We file your forms with the Combined Federal and State Filing (CF/SF) Program, which means the IRS shares your 1099 information with the applicable state and local agencies. If your state participates in this program, eFile360 offers you this service. If your state does not participate in this program, you will have to file your 1099 forms directly to the state or local government agency. If your state does not have a state income tax, then you do not have to file 1099 forms to the state.
Note: IRS does not support Form 1099-NEC under CF/SF program.

Correction Filing

Suppose you made an error when you submitted your forms, no worries. eFile360 offers correction filing for the current year as well as the previous three years. File your corrections as soon as you discover an error. We support filing throughout the year, so even if you have to file a single correction form or a form for the previous three years, we can help you.

../correction file image
tin checking add-on services

TIN Checking Add‑on Service

You can use our optional TIN check service to ensure that you are filing the correct name and Tax ID combination when submitting 1099 forms. To avoid IRS penalties, B‑Notices, and tax withholdings, we recommend that you verify the accuracy of the recipient's Tax ID with a Verification Tax ID Service, also called TIN Checking. Our TIN Checking service works seamlessly with our e‑filing system. To utilize this add-on service, choose the option for TIN Checking when submitting your forms. If you have selected the TIN Checking service, we will verify the tax ID and name combination before filing the forms. If the TIN Check shows any discrepancies, we inform you to confirm the information with your recipient and correct it. Then we check the updated information for you. If it is a match, we e‑file your forms.


eFile360 offers the electronic delivery, or e‑delivery, option to provide recipients copies electronically. To utilize this free add‑on service, you can add your recipients' email addresses when submitting your forms. It provides a quick way for your recipients to access their forms securely. If they do not want to access their forms online, we automatically send them a paper statement via mail.

e delivery image