How to e file Form 1099-NEC?

Updated December 15, 2022

File 1099-NEC electronically to avoid penalties.

Form 1099-NEC can be filed with the IRS on paper if you have 250 or fewer forms. However, the electronic filing of Form 1099-NEC is always preferable as it is both comfortable and cost-effective. If you are filing on paper, use Copy A. For electronically filing 1099-NEC, visit eFile360 e-filing service.

In addition to submitting the form to the IRS, you must also provide the recipient copies (Copy B and Copy 2) to the independent contractor. The IRS allows businesses to provide recipient copies electronically instead of a mailed statement. If you want to provide electronic copies to your recipients, please take a look at our e-Delivery service.

You cannot photocopy the Form 1099-NEC from the IRS website because it is a multi-part document. You need an original copy that you can obtain either from office supply stores or the IRS itself. The Internal Revenue Service is more than happy to answer questions about filing.

Here are the various copies of Form 1099-NEC:

  • Copy A: is for filing on paper with the IRS. Copy A of form 1099-NEC is in red and is scannable. Please do not print this copy and file on paper, as when printed form the IRS website, it is not scannable. There may be a penalty if the IRS cannot scan the paper copy you submitted.
  • Copy 1: is for the State Tax Department.
  • Copy B: is for the recipient. Furnish copy B to the recipient by the due date.
  • Copy 2: is for the recipient's state income tax return (if needed).
  • Copy C: is for the payer.

    Important Note:

  • It is possible to provide recipient copies electronically. Please check out our e-Delivery service. When you file your 1099-NEC with eFile360, we offer e-Delivery service at no additional cost, and we also mail paper statements to the recipients when they do not accept e-Delivery. Using is our e-Delivery keeps you in compliance without having to worry if a recipient does not accept e-Delivery.
  • You must provide the recipients their statements (Copy B and Copy 2) by the due dates, as there are penalties if you fail to do so. Please check out the penalties for 1099 and 1099 filing deadline.